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Cools People or Pets with water only & uses less energy than 1 tail light

Cools People or Pets with water only & uses less energy than 1 tail light

  • 12 volts or 110 volt with a Converter
  • Weighs 5 lbs!
  • $249 incl. S&H in the Continental USA
  • 30 day return policy/2-year warranty. 


  • 12 volts or 110 volt with a Converter
  • Weighs 5 lbs!
  • $249 incl. S&H in the Continental USA
  • 30 day return policy/2-year warranty. 

MightyKool K2

MightyKool K2

Testimonials-Reviews-Return Policy


 I want to say thank you. I'm a mail carrier and you have no idea how much the MightyKool (K2) has helped me stay completely cool and comfortable in my mail truck. Those trucks are built with the engine placed way too close to the driver and that engine heat combined with the Florida heat and humidity is extremely brutal. The MightyKool has helped me far more than any other product I've ever tried. I'm actually enjoying my job now. Thanks again, S. W. Plant City, FL 


Just got back from a 4 week stint on the road to find my MightyKool, fired it up and holy crap!!! Mate this thing is fantastic, I want to leave a review for truckers. As a trucker I've been pained by the need to idle over night to keep cool, a huge expense over the course of a summer when you idle 7 days a week for weeks on end. I saw this on the net and took a chance on buying one, no question this is probably one of the best purchases as a trucker that I've ever made. A cup of Luke warm tap water....switch it on and you have cool air. Thanks, can't believe how well this things works man!! I friggin love it!! Best, L.G. Villa Rica, Georgia  

 We received our MightyKool (K2) and we are absolutely loving it!!! Makes our 1984 Volkswagen camper actually livable in the summer now!!! J.B. Los Angeles, CA. 


The (K2) MightyKool is awesome. I live out of my Army truck for days at a time in 95 plus degree heat. It’s worth every dime. C.B. Fort Polk, LA

I purchased a K2 from you a couple of years back. Which are very happy with using it every night for at least 8 hours on our boat in the Mediterranean. A.R. Newport England

Frequently Asked Questions

 Will the Model K2  cool an entire Camper, Sleeper, Boat, Vehicle, Tent, etc.?
No, as that would take an Air Conditioner and there is no such thing in the World as a self-contained 12-volt A/C. The 12-volt model K2 Evaporative Cooler will however cool People or Pets IN a Camper, Sleeper, Vehicle, Boat, tent etc. with Proper Ventilation.  

 What is Proper Ventilation?
The cool air produced by the K2 feels like a cool ocean breeze increasing humidity slightly, which is eliminated when fresh outside air travels in and out of an area. This free flow of air is called proper ventilation and allows the K2 to produce maximum cooling. 

 How much battery energy does the K2 use?
The K2 uses less 12-volt energy than one tail light bulb; therefore if you run a K2 for 8 hours while sleeping the vehicle engine will still start in the morning. The 12-volt K2 uses .8 amps on low (10.1 watts) up to 2.4 amps on high (30.3 watts). 


  Operate the Cooler according to the Instructions within ten (10) days of receiving it. If after these 10 days you find a 12-volt system is not satisfactory we will authorize a return, if the outside case is clean & as good as new. 

Follow the return authorization instructions so that we receive the return before 30 days is up. We will refund your purchase price less $27, for partial S/H costs as long as all options are returned and the outside case is as good as new and clean. 

No returns will be allowed after 30 days of receipt and if the order is received without authorization it must be returned and there will not be any credit issued. Thank you again as you will enjoy the relief from the heat the cooler will provide this year and for many years to come.

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